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Two great trips were taken by the club in 2023. These include one week in California, where we skied Heavenly Resort, South Lake Tahoe, and one week in Switzerland, skiing Davos and Davos Klosters resorts. Recaps of these trips appear below:




     We had quite a group go to Lake Tahoe. 44 friends went and came back from an event filled week. Some skied, some gambled, some toured and some just laid back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Some returned with a few bumps and bruises. A few tumbled on the slopes while a few fell on the ice covered sidewalks and streets leaving some colorful bruised thighs. Someone put their electrolyte powder into soda water instead of regular water and covered their entire kitchen with the explosive mix. We definitely had an eventful week.

     On our first day, Sunday, we skied through an all-day snowstorm, which someone said was like skiing by brail. Although the storm was occasionally (maybe often) blinding, it did cover the mountain with fresh powder for each run and a foot of fresh snow for our week’s adventure.  On Monday the snow storm ended, but the winds took over.  Thankfully Heavenly has many faces on multiple mountains, and those who ventured out and were not blown over on their way, found slopes that offered skiing away from the wind.  Luckily we stayed at a hotel that provided free wine from 4-5:00 daily (which you know Warren Ski Club members took advantage of). That warmed you up if the hot tub didn’t.

Tuesday we had a perfect day at Northstar. Looking for the carved animals in the trees made the day. The weather was so beautiful that we enjoyed lunch on the outside deck. If that wasn’t enough, they served free champagne at 2:00 each day at a spot halfway down a run to celebrate their 100th anniversary. As you would imagine, some Warren Ski Club members took advantage.

     The remaining days were perfect for skiing. Sunny and bright. We even ran into a few ski club members who were there to ski Heavenly on their own. Sandy and Shelby knew the mountain well and showed those who met up with them some of their favorite spots.

     Wednesday, Sally Kumik along with Jason Uber and Karen Hahn planned out a pub crawl. They picked unique places that we would not have visited if we hadn’t joined the crawl.  It was well attended and greatly enjoyed, by both old and new members. Thank you so much for doing such a great job.

     Friday the winds kicked up again, this time so much so on top that the gondola near our hotel was shut down.  Those who chose to ski had to go “old school” and take a shuttle to the California Lodge.  As the day wore on these avid skiers were rewarded as the winds subsided and additional lifts opened. That evening we held a liquidation party at the hotel bar, where we celebrated a great week at Lake Tahoe and Jason Uber’s birthday.

     One thing I wanted to mention is how nice everyone was on this trip. We had such a wonderful group. Some members who were new to the club last year joined us again this year. And the new members this year quickly became friends. Whether it was the opportunity to meet for wine each afternoon, or to catch up every day over the free breakfast, this group appeared to enjoy being, and skiing, together.  I hope everyone enjoyed the trip, and I truly hope you all join us on another Warren Ski Club adventure.




Bristol Trip (February 12 - 14)

   Who would have thought we had such a great time based on the weather back home.   But we did – Bluebird skies, soft snow and temperatures in the 40s.   We were able to ski in the mornings and sun on the outside deck in the afternoon.   

Vickie Amerine helped me get everyone set up on Whats App as everyone got on the bus and kept everyone informed.     This app is great for announcements to the group.  The superbowl party started us off.   Jenna Amerine helped get the blocks all filled.   We split the pot – half to our bus driver Dan (same Baron’s bus driver as on our wine tour last year) and half to the winners.   We chowed down with pizza before the game at City Tavern and watched the game on TVs all around the room.   Winners of the pool were:  1ST quarter – Stephanie Uber $50, halftime Pat Kearney $50, 3rd quarter Jane Rummell $50 and final – Ken Baun $100.

Lift tickets were RFID cards which made it nice.    If getting a new ski jacket, you should make sure it has an outside ski pocket on the sleeve tor these as more ski areas will go to using them.   Although there were sectional high school races both days, we did not have any lift lines once they started racing. 

   After skiing on Monday, many of us used the hot tub prior to going to dinner at New York Beer Project.  The restaurant had some nice flights and did a great job in taking our orders and getting us served.  

   Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, was a repeat of Monday skiing and conditions   I passed out homemade chocolate covered cherries soaked in liquor to celebrate.  On our way home, we stopped at the Office Restaurant in Kennedy NY for dinner thanks to a suggestion by Dennis Mintus.   We called ahead with our orders and it worked. 

   On the bus, Tom Kearney passed out the highly valued “silver wicket” award which goes to the person who had a “special” moment.   We had several contenders.   Jane who thought someone stole her poles until she realized that 4 of us had the same skis – Black Pearls.   They were Peggy Crawford’s skis and poles not hers!  Bruce Persin who tried some acrobatic skiing by skiing on one ski.   Vickie Amerine who knocked on the wrong hotel doors looking for members and interrupting who knows what.  Bob Amerine who dropped his glove from the lift after 2 friends offered to hold them.   Mark Gorse who walked up 3 flights of steps with his heavy boot bag only to remember he was on the second floor.    Nathan Malovich who is certainly no beginner skier falling off the lift.   But the winner was Eric Martin.  Now we realized Eric has been running marathons lately rather than skiing.   But his technique on getting on the chair lift was a little too fast.   He skied past the lift stop to fall into the hole at the end of the loading platform and almost got hit in the head when he tried to stand up.  Then he had to take off his skis, climb out and walk back to the chair where Mark Gorse was sitting waiting for him.   This was in front of several club members and the long lift line he created with his stunts. 

   THANK YOU to all 25 people who came on the trip.  You made my job as trip leader easy.   Special thanks to Vickie Amerine, Jenna Ametrine, Denise Malovich for her lovely snowflake cookies, Stephanie Uber who also brought cookies, kept me on track and helped with announcements, Carol Kerr who brought healthy energy balls (I still need the recipe), and Jane Rummell who also brought cookies. 

Sincerely Patricia Kearney. 

Photos from 2023 one & two day ski trips to Holiday Valley, Holimont and Peek 'n Peak Resorts below

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