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With Covid-19 causing the cancellation of our annual events and limiting the number of new ones we can plan, the Warren Ski Club has scheduled new outdoor happenings to provide its members with safe  activities to participate in.  Consider attending one or more of the following events this fall

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Our first overnight wine trip to the wineries of Madison, Ohio was a great success.  Read all about it below:


So, what have you been up to?  Really?  That’s nice.  Want to know what the Warren Ski Club did during the month of October?  Well, believe it or not, we had our annual wine tour!  Can you guess where?  If you guessed New York, Kentucky, Canada, Pennsylvania, or the Central Time Zone, then you would be incorrect.  We stayed right here in Ohio!  Wow!  While we are accustomed to three full days of fun and excitement and a Warren Ski Club newsletter article about it that never stops, we had to cut everything short this year due to the pandemic.  Not to worry, though, that doesn’t mean any less fun for all involved!  So, hold onto your skis, here is what happened in a less than 24 hour period!


DAY 1 (Saturday): At 12:45pm all interested and masked participants met in the lobby of the newly built (May 2019) Holiday Inn Express Madison.  Shortly after, we loaded into 2 shuttles (Reserved only for us that day!  No sharing!) and headed to our first winery stop, Cask 307.  Cask 307 winery opened June 2019 and was designed as the gateway to the Grand River Valley wine region.  The weather was beautiful that day, so plenty of outdoor seating options!  Not a wine fine?  Not a problem!  Cask 307 also offered craft beer from the Double Wing Brewing Company.  The favorite, by far, for most?  The Butter Pecan Porter.  Yum!  After about an hour, our shuttle actually came back for us and off we went to our next stop, The Winery at Spring Hill.  This winery, which opened in 2009 had plenty to choose from and we’re not just talking about wines!  Also available, besides their variety of gift shop items, were baked goods and hard ciders!  The weather held out on us which allowed for plenty of seating outside!  Soon, however, it was time to say goodbye as we were whisked off to our third winery, Stonegait Winery.  Built in 2015, this winery was a fairly newer establishment.  Back in the 90’s it had been a full working horse farm and, when purchased by the current owners, it still had dirt floors, hay, and manure in the stalls. But, a lot can happen in a few years and, walking through the front door, you would never have known the history of the building if I hadn’t told you!  The owners did a fantastic job not only on the building and grounds, but the wine as well!  After waiting in a little bit of a line (Seemed to be the theme for the day!) we had our samples and back outside we went to enjoy the fresh air and wonderful scenery.  But, as you guessed, all good things must come to an end.  Soon enough, we loaded back into our white stallions and ended at our last stop, Grand River Cellars.  Ahh…..time to relax a little.  The restaurant was waiting for us!  Once we were seated, we ordered food, wine samples, and just relaxed with friends.  What a nice evening! Once it was all said and done, we had approximately 24 people that joined us for the day’s events.  Due to COVID-19, the wineries ran their sampling a little different, though.  Once you arrived, you went up to the bar, checked out the wine menu, and ordered your flight of wine.  Naturally, this process had some pros and cons to it, but we made it work!  Oh!  Before we forget!  Don’t think this wine trip was without a prize or two!  Our top prize winners for the wine tour were our very own Jane Rummell and Dan Meade!  Congratulations to the both of them!  What did they get, you may ask?  Well, Dan won himself a little wine-themed basket, minus the wine, but with a nice little gift certificate to Grand River Cellars in it!  Jane won a prize bag of wine-themed kitchen apparel, her very own stemless wine glass, and a bottle of wine. 


Anyway, once our bellies were full and we were just about wined out, our chariots awaited, picked us up, and took us back to the hotel.  The hotel was nice enough to set aside a meeting room for us, just in case we wanted to relax and unwind from a long day of drinking. How thoughtful!  Some folks went and others hung out at the pool.  All in all it was a relaxing day! Special thanks goes out to Chrissy, from the hotel, for choosing the wineries, providing us with a great deal on pricing, setting up our shuttle service, making reservations for dinner, and all of the other little details that go along with planning an awesome trip!  High five to you, lady!  Thank you also to Mary Kirila for all of the behind-the-scenes work you did to help get this trip up and running!  And, while it was not our intention to do an Ohio wine trip, it was also not our intention to be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic either!  Thank you to Dennis Mintus for suggesting this close-to-home relaxing weekend to give the members a little breather from the stresses of everything this pandemic/political season has brought us. 


Well, with all of that being said, in the future, if you don’t sign up for trips, then we can’t have them!  Simple as that!  Please don’t wait until the deadline or drag your feet in the beginning. Plan ahead!    Thank you, everyone, and we hope to see you next year…..pandemic-free!









Our first recent attempt at a golf outing turned out to be a great way to spend an early fall evening.  Fifteen people played, enjoying the beautiful par-3 course at Millcreek Park, as they reacquainted with old club members and met new friends.  Golfers and hackers alike went out afterwards for some adult refreshments and to discuss their best and worst holes.





Since COVID-19 has changed the way we spend our days and evenings, we have been doing a lot more outdoor activities while maintaining a safe social distance.  Most common of these activities has been hiking.


What a beautiful treasure we have in Mill Creek Park. 

Check out the pictures of recent hikes in the Photo Gallery Tab

First Tuesday of the month at
Giorgio's Restaurant
1231 Youngstown Warren Road
Niles, OH
Come early to enjoy dinner before the meeting
Meeting begins promptly at 7:00



Our club meets every month at a different local establishment for adult beverages, appetizers, and comradery. The location of the current month's Pub of the Month can be found on our Facebook Page.  Or call any of the officers  listed on the "Contact Us" tab to discover the location of the upcoming Pub meet-up.

Please Note:  Pub of the Month Activities have been suspended until the local Covid-19 situation improves to allow for safe indoor activities



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