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     Although the snow had not fallen locally as much as we skiers would like, the Warren Ski Club has been able to complete all of its scheduled trips and ski this season.

     Our first trip this year was to Holiday Valley.  It was held January 11 and 12 to coincide with the CMSC Race. Everyone had a good time. How could you not in Ellicottville?  Saturday skiing was great until the rain came around 2:00.  After dinner many went to town for music and dancing.  Our racers did well, especially Ed Hahn who (literally) flew through the finish line, and our new qualifier Joe Malovich. Sunday skiing was difficult, due to the icy conditions, but fun was had by the brave members who challenged the mountain as well as those who chose to meet up at the bar in Tamarack – either way, we made sure the trip was a success.

     January 26 to 28, the club traveled to Bristol Mountain to take advantage of weekday wide-open slopes.  This was our second year for this trip, and once again it was a great success.  Twenty-six members skied snow, and not ice!   We shared lots of good food, good times, and good skiing.  There were no lift lines and the runs were nice and long.  As advertised, it was the perfect warm up for our western trips.  We welcomed a couple of new members, re-acquainted ourselves with some old ones, and skied as long as our legs held out on both Monday and Tuesday.  We made an encore trip to the Irish Mafia Brewery after skiing Monday, and were again rewarded with friendly hospitality and great food and beverages.  This unique opportunity for midweek skiing at Bristol Mountain was enjoyed by all who attended.

     On Saturday, February 22 the Warren Ski Club joined up with the Youngstown Ski Club to travel to Ellicottville for a one-day trip to Holiday Valley.  Thirty-eight members of one, the other, or both clubs, reveled in the bright sunshine, snow-covered slopes, and unseasonably warm temperatures.  They also enjoyed the comradery they shared during a delicious lunch and following a full day on the slopes when the group traveled to town for dinner, shopping and entertainment.  Another successful ski trip in a less-than-spectacular winter season, as a result of the cooperation between the two clubs.

     Warren Ski Club's first week-long trip to Winter Park, CO, February 1-8, was a great time with a week of extremes in ski conditions and temperatures.  Sunday’s temps near 50 degrees allowed us to ski in the sun, have lunch outside at the Sunspot mountaintop lodge and explore most of the 7 territories. Tuesday the temperature dropped to a high of -12 degrees, and Wednesday it warmed up to 9 degrees.  Although cold, the skiing was surprisingly good and the snow was not as frozen as us skiers. Eventually the temps started rising and so did the snow depth. Wednesday we had 6 inches of snow, a foot on Thursday, and even more on Friday with the heavy snow causing blinding conditions for much of the day.  Like I said, we got it all that week.  Although the powder-lovers among us celebrated the knee-deep fresh snow, it did raise havoc with our travel plans.  We were told the evening before our departure that Route 70, the main road to the airport, was closed due to an avalanche and a truck accident. With Route 70 reopening Saturday morning, we left our hotel early only to be delayed by an avalanche on the road to Route 70, the same one the bus had just driven up.  There we sat until the avalanche was cleared. We did, however, make our flight, and I will never again complain about how early the bus picks us up.  Through it all we had a great time and got to see the amazement and enjoyment of six members in our group who had never skied out west.  We also had a few that came back to Ohio with some bumps and bruises, but all in all, we enjoyed the skiing, the Village, and the town and most of all, our friends, both old and new.

     On our final scheduled weekend trip, thirty-eight members of either the Warren or Youngstown Ski Club (or both) met at Quaker Steak and Lube in Austintown for a trip to Holiday Valley.  We enjoyed skiing all day under a bluebird sky, sharing a delicious lunch, then going into town for dinner, shopping and drinks. Club members returned to the Mahoning Valley quite late, after a full day of fun and collaboration between the two clubs. 


Our last and final trip for 2020 was to Banff, Canada.  So many mishaps took place that we just HAD to reinstate our Silver Wicket Award.  The Wicket Award usually goes to someone deserving special attention for doing something really "entertaining" on or near the slopes. On the Banff trip, (Feb.29- Mar.7, 2020), we would run out of wickets if we acknowledged every "performance".

First was Rusty, who swept the slopes . . . with his body, doing a long, long slide after a fall.


Then, many mishaps occured on the lift.  Izzy left one ski behind as the Wolf chairlift swept her up. Michelle, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky. She tried to sit on a chairlift but missed the seat, rolled and dinged her helmet against a pole and of course stopped the lift. "Bugga" was the response from the Aussie watching her. Lisa and her husband Gary also weren't so lucky. Their skis got interlocked getting off the Wawa lift and down they both went.


Should the silver wicket go to someone for a good fall and recovery?  Denise Malovich said her husband Joe pushed her down, and her response was to lay there and make a snow angel in the day’s fresh powder.


Or should the wicket award go to a group leader like Sandy who coaxed others into the trees, only for a snowmobiler having to come to their rescue, or to Terry who led a group of us entirely around the bus line at the base of Sunshine, just to end up where we started?


Finally, on our way home upon arrival at the airport, JoAnn put her skis perpendicular on the baggage cart. Walking briskly in stride didn't calculate the distance between the metal poles put in place to stop vehicles. Well, those poles stopped her... abruptly. Sorry to laugh, but watching from afar as to what was about to happen, was hysterical.


Actually they all are deserving of this pristegious award.


Besides skiing the three resorts at Banff, the activities nearby were numerous. Some went to the ice falls in Johnston Canyon. George and Lori took a group of nine snowmobiling for a day with a leader named "Paint."  Jeanne & Eileen and friends enjoyed the spa and dinner at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I think everyone traveled to the Lake Louise Fairmont to see the ice castle, the ice falls, the frozen lake and the incredible Chateau.  There was lots of things to do – and we did it all.


Photos from the Winter Park Trip





Our week began sunny and cold, but the weather quickly changed and provided us with LOTS of new snow by week's end.




Preparing for our first day on the slopes

Photos from Banff (The Big Three)




Organizing eager skiers at the top of the lift





One group of skiers from the Warren Ski Club found the perfect  time and place for a group shot

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