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Must…… find…….. Webmasterrrrrrrrr……


After 10 years as webmaster, I’ve reached Zombie status! Time to retire!

It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience – and I’m looking forward to seeing new and improved things from the next webmaster. One problem…. we don’t have one. The board has been looking for months, but no takers. So the search continues.

My last updates on this site will be Oct 3, 2016. All info is current – West and Weekend Trip flyers, October newsletter, Google Calendar, Wine/Beer Taste, etc… After that, the site will be static until a new webmaster takes over. So if you’re looking for info and can’t find it here, please check our Facebook page.

This is a GREAT club with GREAT people. Let’s keep it going!!!!!!!

Home Run!

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A great time on the HV/Seneca Casino trip! Here’s a recap by WSC member, Stephanie Uber.

Holiday Valley/Seneca Casino Trip 2016 – by Stephanie Uber

One, two, three strikes you’re out! Right? Not this time! The Warren Ski Club made sure of that! We may have had an issue with the lack of snow on our first two weekend ski trips, but we hit a home run with our Holiday Valley/Seneca Casino trip! You didn’t go? Why not?! Do you know what you missed out on?! Well, let me fill you in! First of all, there was the bus trip. This three hour tour was filled with 50/50 give-aways to include, well, the money, and several WSC merchandise items! Did you hear about the goodie bags? In order to get everyone started out on the right foot, the Trip Committee threw together a bag filled with fabulous items like mini bottles of wine, “100 Grand” chocolate bars, gold chocolate coins, and other weekend-themed snacks! A few lucky winners happened to choose the bags that won them free bottles of regular-sized wine!
Okay, enough about the bus, let’s talk about the Seneca Allegheny Casino. WSC was fortunate enough to all stay on the same floor together and each of the rooms were as spacious as the next. From there we were able to go down a few flights to the pool and or hot tub, fitness center, numerous restaurants, and let’s not forget the casino! Especially where one lucky ski club member won $325.00 big ones! Wow! Stand back!
Think we were lucky in the casino? You should have been on the slopes! Saturday skiing wasn’t too bad! There was snow on the slopes and you could ski in it! We didn’t lose anyone and one lucky skier even got to take a mud bath! Wow! (Okay, not as fabulous as it sounds, but…memories…) Sunday skiing was even better! Do you know what we did?? From the creative mind of Ed Hahn came the “Johnny Manziel Jeep-O-Rama” Dummy Downhill contestant! Oh yes! It’s as fabulous as it sounds! A Barbie jeep, complete with empty beer cans, mounted on skies, and being “driven” by an inflatable Browns football player being accented with smoke bombs! When they let it go at the top of mini hill, those of us at the bottom held our breath as we watched Johhny Be Good go down the first hill. We momentarily lost sight of him and that was a nail biter. Johnny No Good had us worried for nothing! He picked up enough speed that when he hit the second hill he became air born, to the excitement of us spectators, and soared like an eagle! He then hit the snow in true Jeep fashion, wobbled from side to side, spilled out his empty beer cans, and finally evened out enough to ski to the finish line! WSC was on their feet cheering!! (Next year we need to all bring air horns!) In the end, while WSC members and Johnny were magnificent, we only won third place. Thank you to Ed for spear-heading this project! IT…WAS…AWESOME!
Wow that was exciting! But, what did the non-skiers do for two days? With the multiple shuttles leaving the casino almost every half hour, the better question is: What didn’t they do? Ellicottville, New York offered a variety of things to do! Like what, you may ask? Well, how about the Winery of Ellicottville? Or the Ellicottville Brewing Company? What about the numerous ski and trinket shops? Not a fan of any of that? How about a trip to Watson’s Chocolates? (Mmmmm….chocolate and candy store….) Our super amazing bus driver, George, even agreed to take everyone to town Saturday evening during an unplanned trip so we could watch the Mardi Gras parade. Not a bad weekend!
So, are you sorry now that you missed it?! Well, don’t be that guy (or gal) next time! The next weekend trip the Warren Ski Club has in store for you is the Winery/Seneca Niagara Casino trip in May! Space is limited and you MUST be a member of the Warren Ski Club! Don’t delay! Pay your $35.00 dues and get your deposit in for this trip and we will hopefully see you in May!

Well, hello Denver!

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A great time was had by all in Jackson Hole! Here’s a recap by WSC member, Stephanie Uber.

Jackson Hole 2014 – by Stephanie Uber

Well, hello Denver! That’s what we were all saying when we left Cleveland on Saturday, March 1, 2014 and landed at Denver International Airport. I, once again, found myself traveling out west with two of my three favorite men! This year my brother couldn’t accompany us, but my dad, husband, and I sure made a name for ourselves! Our first task upon arriving in Denver was to locate our gate and change planes to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and you know what happened?! Access denied! No way! No go! “CANCELLED” with a capital “C”! Say what?! The Jackson Hole airport had been closed due to Winter Storm LotsOfSnow (okay, so that wasn’t the real name of the storm, but enough is enough Mother Nature!)! However, thanks to the quick thinking of one of our members, he was able to secure us weary travelers a flight to Jackson Hole the next morning. That only left us with trying to figure out where to stay that night…

Okay, let’s fast forward through the next morning where we got up at 4:00 am, arrived at the airport, loaded onto the plane, and sat on the runway for an hour before they told us the GPS in the plane was broke and we had to switch planes…

Okay… finally, we make it to the Jackson Hole airport where we departed the plane and were greeted with a sign welcoming us to Jackson Hole. Hooray! As we walked under an arch made completely of antlers we were welcomed by the “Mimosa Man”. Honestly! He greeted us with a hearty “Welcome” and offered us a free mimosa! Wow! That almost made up for my boot bag and several other boot bags catching another flight! Oh boy!

Once at the hotel, 49er Inn and Suites to be precise, it was time to unpack and get ready for our Sunday night welcome party and boy were we welcomed! Tables full of snacks, tubs full of wine and beer, and most importantly, old friendships renewed and new friendships forged. While many of us were jet lagged and sleep deprived, we lost a day of skiing. High fives, however, to those brave folks who did hit the slopes on Sunday despite traveling difficulties!

Finally, Monday had arrived! The day most of us had been waiting for! Time to hit the slopes! After a short shuttle bus ride we had finally arrived at Jackson Hole Ski Resort! Woo Hoo! Get me on those slopes! Anxious to do what we came out to do, we skied, and skied, and skied some more. Don’t worry, we did “stop to smell the roses”, well, stopped and took in some views anyway and they were spectacular! At 10,450 feet, the terrain stretched on for miles and into Idaho. Phenomenal. All that beauty gazing made me hungry! Once back at the hotel we hit the slushy and snow-covered roads and headed to the Snake River Brew Pub. I was a little nervous when the sign out front read “Please Leave Your Puppies and Pistols at Home”, but the bison chili and beer sampler was the perfect end to a great day!

Now, let’s fast forward to Tuesday, March 4th. The skiers of the club all took a day trip to Grand Targhee Ski Resort. Remember the last paragraph when I mentioned the awesome and stupendous views while skiing at Jackson Hole? Well, Grand Targhee definitely had those beat! At 9,862 feet, the views were magnificent, even with the partial cloud cover we had to ski through on some of the trails. Speaking of trails, how about some of these for names, “Lost Groomers” or “Lost Warrior” or, my favorite, “Middle Earth”. (I did not travel this last one. It didn’t sound in my best interest since it was also next to a sign that read, “Avalanche Danger”. Yikes!) Did I mention the best thing about the trip today? No, not the views, however, they were great. No, not the fun signs, though, they were amusing. The people! Hanging with the crazy folks of the Warren Ski Club on Fat Tuesday! Yup! From the wild hair wigs to the mounds of Mardi Gras beads, this group of skiers had a blast! Once back at the hotel I had surprisingly built up another appetite. Shocker! I know! So, my dad, my husband, and I walked to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Have you ever been there? It was definitely something to see! From the bar stools with horse saddles on top to “ride”, to the intricate woodwork throughout the restaurant it was yet another thing on this trip I found myself taking many pictures of.

As Wednesday finally arrived, my husband and I were ready to go at 6:45 am at our hotel for pick up. Where were we going, you may ask? Well, my husband, I, and six others from our group were on a journey to Yellowstone National Park with a quick stop over to get fitted with snowmobiling gear. Once at the park (92% of which is actually in Wyoming) we chose our snowmobile and away we went! Our knowledgeable guide took us over the Snake River and through the woods to several breath-taking waterfalls and onto the main event…Old Faithful! Perfect timing as we only had to wait ten minutes before it erupted. I thought we were in trouble when the earth rumbled deep down, but since the bison in the background didn’t seem worried we waited for the historic geyser to explode and it did not disappoint! After a dozen more pictures we all met in a yurt and our guide fed us some Wyoming beef stew! Yum! Lunch time over, we continued on our journey a little ways north until we stopped to admire a small herd of bison (not buffalo, as our guide corrected us) lumbering parallel to the roadway. They were only 20 feet away! Once passed, we continued on our journey to the Black Sand Basin which accommodated the Rainbow Pool (Really! It displayed all the colors of the rainbow due to the levels of algae and cyanobacteria in it.), Cliff Geyser, Emerald Pool, and Sunset Lake. Amazing. But, the trip wasn’t over yet! We continued on to Kepler Cascades and the Continental Divide (elevation 8,391 feet). Nearly at the end of our 90 mile round-trip journey guess what happened. Yup! You guessed it! Our snowmobile broke down and had to be towed back! Ouch! Many thanks to the kind individuals who allowed us to ride double on the back of their snowmobiles! Don’t worry, though, our adventure didn’t end there! What Warren Ski Club trip would be complete without a Pub Crawl/Poker Run?! To put your mind at ease, I didn’t win. After hitting the Snake River Brew and Pub (where one of our members added our Warren Ski Club “mark” to the collection of information on their water tower), we traveled to Thai Me Up, then the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill (where I got another stinky playing card), and rounded out the night at the Town Square Tavern. What an adventure and a great bonding experience! So many stories were shared such as the tree well taking yet another victim this year (Word of Advice: Don’t ski near pine trees in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a trap!) I was victim last year when I got too close and it sucked me down into a snowpocalypse pit of doom. Sorry to hear about those that fell casualty this year! I also heard the amusing story of a skier that “had a yard sale” all over a cat track. How does that happen?! The trail is nearly flat with a minimal amount of decline! Silly dad…uhhhh…I mean, skier!

So, moving onto Thursday, March 6th, I find myself ready to hit the slopes again after our snowmobile adventure. However, what do I wake up to? Pouring down rain! Yuck! Looks like this may be a good day to do some souvenir hunting. So, my husband and I hit the shops instead of the slopes and did some sight-seeing. The first place we landed was the National Elk Refuge. Since the tour is usually done via sleigh ride and it was raining and washing the snow away, we hopped onto a horse drawn wagon instead. Ginger and Brunno, our faithful steeds (along with the help of their human driver), got us up close and personal with thousands of elk that come down out of the high country in the winter to find more available food on the refuge. Did you know that elk aren’t the only animals to occupy these 24,700 acres of intermountain valley? It is also stomping grounds to bison, wolf packs, trumpeter swans, and bald eagles! After the excursion, we continued our wet and soggy walking tour of downtown Jackson and ended up at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. We saw many things we did “not believe”, but also other items that were pretty neat including the elusive white buffalo, a shrunken head, the world’s largest barbed wire ball, several two-headed creatures, and much more! That built up an appetite that lead us to the Merry Piglets. Can you say strawberry jalapeño margarita? Surprisingly, not bad! After about a dozen more shops, we eventually reconnected with the group at the Antler Inn and feasted upon barbequed elk! Many thanks to the hands that prepared that feast!

Finally, Friday was upon us as it was our last day of skiing. This time I was determined to try some new skis and ended up demoing some from the shop at the top of the gondola. Kind of sounds mysterious, but I’ll tell you what! They were awesome! K2 181’s. I was “Queen of the Mountain” with those on and skied until the sun began its descent across the horizon. Don’t worry, though, because I did exercise enough restraint to steer clear of the section with the sign reading, “You Are Leaving the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Boundary. This is Your Decision Point”. Yikes! Time to go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner with my two favorite men at the Sweetwater Restaurant and onto enjoy a fabulous alcohol liquidation party and group shot of those in attendance! Woo Hoo! One of our members even shared the view from his helmet camera with us complete with his very own yard sale! Ooops! Watch out for those tree wells! They’ll getcha every time!

The next morning we were up bright and early to catch the shuttle to the airport and check in. Unfortunately there was no “Mimosa Man” this time, but there was a nice roaring fire going on in the fireplace and a bowl of candy and oranges for everyone to share. Nice! Soon, we were homeward bound with no problems and we all went our separate ways. Many special thanks to Jeff Driscoll, our trip coordinator who did a fantastic job with getting us where we needed to go, putting up with our sometimes grumpy attitudes, and making this the best first experience to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for many of us. My hats off to you and all that you do for the Warren Ski Club!

Epic Ski Season

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What do u get if you add a #!&*load of SNOW to Italy, Wyoming, New York and PA?  An awesome WSC ski season.   Here’s a recap by Trip Director, Jeff Driscoll. Big huge thanks goes out to Jeff for all his hard work and dedication throughout the year to make these trips possible.

2014 WSC Trip Update – by Jeff Driscoll

An epic ski season has come to an end for the Warren Ski Club. We have not had to look very far to find snow this year. No matter if you joined us on a weekend, one-day, west, or Europe trip, or went skiing on your own, you can’t deny this was a memorable ski season.

The Warren Ski Club’s weekend trips took us to Holiday Valley not once but twice this year and to Bristol Mountain. As usual we stayed at the Alpine Meadow townhouses across the street from the Inn at Holiday Valley and the chair lift. These condos are both convenient and affordable for our members. Bristol Mt. surprised all who went when Mother Nature gave those on the trip a nice dusting of snow. We also skied HoliMont on MLK Day and Presidents’ Day holidays. These 1-day Monday Holiday trips have become signature WSC trips and will continue to be in the future.

The Warren Ski Club’s Europe and West trips were equally as grand as our ski season back home. Our first trip had us flying to Europe and the Dolomite Mountains for a week of skiing in Val Gardena, Italy, January 24 – February 1, 2014. We stayed in the village of Selva at the Hotel Antares. The Hotel Antares lived up to its reputation as 4 star hotel with its quant lodging and fine dining. The skiing in and around Val Gardena was just spectacular. We were able to ski 175 km of slopes and 83 lifts all on one ski pass. The highlight was skiing the Sella Ronda, a 40 km circular route around the massif of the Sella Mountain Range. While skiing the Sella Ronda, we crossed 4 mountain passes and skied into 4 different mountain valleys. About half of our group, opted to add an optional 4-day trip extension to Palermo, Sicily. The Warren Ski Club had never visited Sicily before, until now.

The Warren Ski Club returned to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming for our second ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, March 1 – 8, 2014. 47 WSC members traveled with us to this always been a popular WSC ski destination. The snow was abundant in Jackson Hole, so much that it delayed our arrival by a day. The skiing was great for us, once most of us remembered how to ski powder. A day of skiing at nearby Grand Targhee Ski Resort was included with the trip and it was Mardi Gras that day. The accessory of the day was beads or masks to help us celebrate Fat Tuesday. Events included a welcome party, an elk barbeque dinner, a pub crawl/poker run, and the traditional WSC “Alcohol Liquidation Party”.

Trip Planning is under way for the 2014/2015-ski season. Two west trips are being planned at this time but nothing is set in stone at press time. Weekend & 1-day trips will include at least one trip to Holiday Valley and Bristol Mt. and of course our Monday Holiday trips to HoliMont. Other weekend & 1-day trips are under consideration. Please keep an eye on our web site, or follow us on face book for trip announcements or updates as we plan our trips for next year.

Help Wanted

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You got skills, right???



Wanna make new friends?

Wanna learn about WSC?

We’re in need of donations and volunteers who can help in any way. So if you’d like to get more involved and help the club, here’s the place to check.

Pig Roast (June 22) looking for ANY donations for the *NEW* Chinese Auction! Also need volunteers to carve meat and watch the gate (but not at the same time. unless ur a superhero.) Contact Steve Markovich or Di Matijevic.

Put-In-Bay (Aug 16-18) help herd Mary’s Little Lamps at PIB 2013 (and good luck with that). Contact Mary Kirila.

Newsletter Editor monthly newsletter using your s/w of choice (MS-Word, MS-Publisher, Adobe InDesign…). MS-Office skills helpful. Contact Becky Bertuzzi.

Pedal Party Coord set up monthly Pedal Parties (Apr – Oct). Contact Ed Hahn.

Webmaster got HTML and WordPress skills? wanna learn? Contact Marilyn Sackett.

Not a good time? Check back when it is! You can find the “HELP WANTED” page under the “MEMBERSHIP TAB” on our website.

Italy 2013 Memories

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A BIG THANKS to Curtis Bell for writing the following report on our 2013 trip to Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy.

Italy 2013 – by Curtis Bell

The Warren Ski Club traveled to Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, a small beautiful town nestled in the Italian Alps, excited about the 94 miles of ski runs that awaited them. We stayed in the wonderful four star Hotel St. Raphael, which served us excellent dinners each evening and great Breakfasts each morning. We were located a very short walk from the gondola which allowed us to start our day in a magnificent ski area offering us long beautiful runs with a spectacular view of the Dolomite region.
Madonna di Campiglio is a small town that lies in a valley surrounded by ski runs going in all directions. This small town is filled with wonderful shops and night clubs, offering you a variety of things to do in both the day and night. It is a small town that is popular with skiers from Great Britain and other European countries and is just now being discovered by Americans as a great place to come and enjoy the wonderful ambiance that Europe has to offer skiers from North America.
The first two days were beautiful cloudless sunny days with perfect conditions. This made it perfect for getting beautiful scenery pictures in an attempt to capture some of the beauty that the Italian Alps have to offer. The next few days had snowfall mixed with some clouds, offering tremendous ski conditions for everyone. Richard Byrd aka “Birdman” once again captured some great video of everyone skiing with his GoPro camera. The week ended with another beautiful sunny day to end on.
After skiing each day our members were offered a variety of way to relax at the hotel with its sauna, solarium, hydro massage, pool and Turkish bath. With a nice variety of night spots our members had places to go before or after dinner. Dinner each evening at the hotel offered a nice selection of choices, all which tastes great.
After a week of skiing we then headed for Venice for three days of sightseeing this beautiful historical city. We went on a gondola ride to capture some of the magic this city had to offer. We also enjoyed eating at restaurants along the river. We also went to the island of Murano to see and even purchase some of the beautiful handmade Murano glass that is made there.
Several people on this trip said that Madonna di Campiglio offered the best skiing they ever experienced in Europe with its wide long open runs.

Breckenridge Rocked!

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A BIG THANKS to Stephanie Uber – a new WSC member – who volunteered to write a report on our recent trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.  

My Week in Breck – by Stephanie Uber 

Wow. That’s all I can say. If you went on the trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with us then you know what I’m talking about! What an amazing eight days! I had never been to Colorado before, so this was a great experience for me, AND, I got to make the trip with my dad and brother! Our journey began very early Saturday, February 2nd with our trip to the Cleveland airport, the checking of the bags, TSA screening areas, and then the hurry up and wait while we waited for our flight to Denver. Everything went according to plan and before we knew it we were in Colorado, loaded on the charter bus, and en route to Beaver Run Resort, but not before a stop at everyone’s favorite Colorado alcohol distributor, AppleJack! An hour later we were on our way again. Once arriving at Beaver Run Resort and unpacking, we all met for the wine and cheese party! Woo Hoo! Cheese! I mean…WOO HOO! WINE! Anyway, we mingled, we talked, and most importantly we got our lift ticket for the week. Things were looking good.

On Sunday, February 3rd, everyone went their own way to start a fabulous week of skiing. As for myself and my family, we ventured to the ski slopes, however, not without spending hours figuring out the shuttle and city bus system. Finally, though, we made it to Arapahoe Basin, commonly known as “A-Basin”. It had snowed several days before, but not enough to open all the trails. No matter, because as every skier knows for a week long ski trip you don’t want to burn yourself out and over-ski on the first day, especially with the thin air and high altitudes. So, after a few hours and about a dozen amazing pictures later we were ready to wrestle the city bus system back to the resort. Once back we sure were hungry! We spent the long Super Bowl at the Breckenridge Brewery. The food was delicious and the microbrews weren’t bad either! Soon it was time to get some rest to start the adventure for the next day.

On Monday, February 4th, my family and I once again tackled the bus and shuttle system, much wiser this time, and eventually made it to Keystone. Talk about fun and I’m not just speaking about the giant buffalo statue, life-sized chess and checkers set for people to play, the many shops along the way in the village area, or even the gondola ride to the top of the first peak with the amazing views! The trails were fun to ski and the multitude of people we rode the lifts with from all over the world was pretty fantastic as well. We met a man named Merv, who was from England that had come here to ski. He felt that there was nothing like the views we had here in the Rocky Mountains that could compare to what he had in Europe. But, if we did make it there he suggested skiing in France or Austria to be the best. Well, once our day was through we crashed at Luigi’s Pasta House for dinner, met one of the waiters who was from OHIO, and eventually made our way back to the resort, spent for another day.

On Tuesday, February 5th, it was game time with the Warren Ski Club! We all crammed into the three people mover vans and began the long journey to Vail. Vail’s motto, “Like nothing on earth” was exactly right. With more than 5,000 skiable acres of terrain, seven legendary back Bowls, and home of the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships, Vail boasts to be the largest ski resort in the United States. Vail was so big that we didn’t even get to finish skiing all of it! The trails were fantastic to ski, the bowls were amazing, and the catwalk was interesting. Oh, did I happen to mention my little problem? Yeah…well, I stopped by a pine tree half way through a mogul field. That was my first mistake. Then my ski got sucked down into the powder, then my other ski, and then me to follow! The more I struggled to get out the more it sucked me in. Like quicksand for snow! My brother finally was able to get to my location and pull me out, but almost got sucked in himself! Wow, what a day! We finished it off with a filling dinner at Bubba Gump!

Well, I’m spent! Good thing we took Wednesday off so we could walk around town, souvenir shop, and hit the hot tubs at the resort! My dad and brother found a nice set of new carbon fiber ski poles for $30.00 (last year’s model), I found lots of souvenirs, and we even visited some museums such as the Ski Museum, the Barney Ford House Museum, and the Carter Museum. We can’t forget breakfast at the Blue Moose Restaurant with their organic coffee, lunch at Mi Casa Mexican Cantina, and did I mention the evening’s activities?? What Warren Ski Club trip would be complete without a Pub Crawl/Poker Run?! To put your minds at ease, I didn’t win. But after hitting Ullr’s Sports Bar and Grill, Burke and Riley’s Irish Pub, Ollie’s Pub and Grub, Kenosho Steakhouse, and the Motherloaded Tavern where the best place to dance was on the bar, everyone was a winner! These establishments were not only accommodating, but a few of them gave us some Happy Hour prices as well! The best part was getting to know everyone a little better in the Warren Ski Club and the prizes we all got at the end, not to mention the first real snow began to fall since we’d been there!

Back to the slopes on Thursday! This time we tried Breckenridge on for size (since it was just outside our back door!). Amazing. Again the skiing was great with 154 trails to choose from! My favorite part of these peaks, though, were the signs along the trails such as, “Caution: Trees Don’t Move”, or “Can You Stop? Just Checking”, or even “Trees Hurt. Slow Down”. They even had signs at the lodge at the top of the peak advising, “ATTENTION: Secure Your Skis + Snowboards. They Will Blow Away!!”. Who could beat that friendly advice?! Another day of spectacular views finished off with dinner at The Dredge. This restaurant is a two million pound floating replica of one of the largest and longest operating dredges in the county!

For our last and final day of skiing who could resist the convenience of going outside our back door again to Breckenridge? So we finished off the skiing for the week there and hit Northside Pizza and Wings for dinner. But wait! The fun didn’t stop just yet! Did I mention the alcohol liquidation party?! Oh yes! It was our last chance for the Warren Ski Club to get together before it was back home in less than 24 hours. It was a long and memorable evening with great friends, delicious spaghetti (thanks to the awesome gals who made that and to Jeff for the pizza!), and war stories of who skied into what and who fell and bruised which body part. By the way, I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that got sucked into the snow sinkhole of doom that week!

All too soon Saturday came and we were loaded onto the bus and headed to the Denver airport to make the long trip home. Many thanks to our Trip Director, Jeff Driscoll, who made this such an incredible and memorable week for everyone. Jeff, you did an AMAZING job to make this trip the unforgettable event that it was and we all thank you for your hard work and dedication!

View From a Helmet-Cam

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We’ve now got HELMET-CAM!!!!!

Check out Curtis Bells 1st place run at the Jan 27 CMSC Race (Giant Slalom) at Swain Ski Area, NY…..

WSC Discount – Airport Fast Park

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YEP – It’s an ALL NEW BENEFIT for WSC card carryin members!!! We now have a club discount which gets us the lowest rate available for COVERED parking at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

What’s FastPark?   Cleveland Hopkins FastPark is a C-O-V-E-R-E-D parking facility just minutes from the Cleveland Airport.

How’s it work?   You pull in – park your car – and a partymobile (well, not really) will whisk you to the airport.  It takes approx 10 minutes from the time you pull into FastPark until arrival at airport.  When you return, you’ll be picked up at the airport and delivered back to your car.  On your way out of FastPark, you’ll be given a complimentary bottle of water and a hearty well done!

Who can use the discount?  WSC Members only (Note: you must use your FastPark card to get the discount – register below).

Can I use this for any trip – even a NON WSC trip?   Yep. You can use this for ANY TRAVEL – with or without your crazy WSC pals.

How do I get a FastPark Discount Card?   Register for your card via the link below using the WSC code: 0640207.  Enter Warren Ski Club as your ‘company name’.  The card will be mailed to your home in 7-10 business days

Pricing and registration…

Directions to FastPark…

Any questions?  Contact our Trip Director,  Jeff Driscoll.

George Buzulencia

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(12/5/12) : Georges tribute in the Youngstown Vindicator….


Update (12/4/12) : Calling hours will be Friday December 7 from 4-7 pm at Higgins-Reardon Funeral Home in Austintown (MAP to funeral home). The funeral will be Saturday at 11:00 am at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Austintown (MAP to church).


Our long time friend and devoted WSC member, George Buzulencia, passed away on Tuesday November 27 after a heart attack on vacation in Honduras.


George touched so many lives over the years, through his active involvement with WSC, YSC, Shanango and other clubs as well.  He volunteered countless hours running Pedal Parties, Pig Roasts, rafting trips and serving as WSC Trustee.  Always there to lend a hand or lend an ear – he was a friend to all who knew him.


He was also a loving son, husband, dad, brother – and shared his passion for travel and adventure with his family.  To all of them, we send our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers.  No words seem good enough.  Just know that we feel a great loss also – and we will miss him.


Arrangements will be posted once they are available.