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A great time on the HV/Seneca Casino trip! Here’s a recap by WSC member, Stephanie Uber.

Holiday Valley/Seneca Casino Trip 2016 – by Stephanie Uber

One, two, three strikes you’re out! Right? Not this time! The Warren Ski Club made sure of that! We may have had an issue with the lack of snow on our first two weekend ski trips, but we hit a home run with our Holiday Valley/Seneca Casino trip! You didn’t go? Why not?! Do you know what you missed out on?! Well, let me fill you in! First of all, there was the bus trip. This three hour tour was filled with 50/50 give-aways to include, well, the money, and several WSC merchandise items! Did you hear about the goodie bags? In order to get everyone started out on the right foot, the Trip Committee threw together a bag filled with fabulous items like mini bottles of wine, “100 Grand” chocolate bars, gold chocolate coins, and other weekend-themed snacks! A few lucky winners happened to choose the bags that won them free bottles of regular-sized wine!
Okay, enough about the bus, let’s talk about the Seneca Allegheny Casino. WSC was fortunate enough to all stay on the same floor together and each of the rooms were as spacious as the next. From there we were able to go down a few flights to the pool and or hot tub, fitness center, numerous restaurants, and let’s not forget the casino! Especially where one lucky ski club member won $325.00 big ones! Wow! Stand back!
Think we were lucky in the casino? You should have been on the slopes! Saturday skiing wasn’t too bad! There was snow on the slopes and you could ski in it! We didn’t lose anyone and one lucky skier even got to take a mud bath! Wow! (Okay, not as fabulous as it sounds, but…memories…) Sunday skiing was even better! Do you know what we did?? From the creative mind of Ed Hahn came the “Johnny Manziel Jeep-O-Rama” Dummy Downhill contestant! Oh yes! It’s as fabulous as it sounds! A Barbie jeep, complete with empty beer cans, mounted on skies, and being “driven” by an inflatable Browns football player being accented with smoke bombs! When they let it go at the top of mini hill, those of us at the bottom held our breath as we watched Johhny Be Good go down the first hill. We momentarily lost sight of him and that was a nail biter. Johnny No Good had us worried for nothing! He picked up enough speed that when he hit the second hill he became air born, to the excitement of us spectators, and soared like an eagle! He then hit the snow in true Jeep fashion, wobbled from side to side, spilled out his empty beer cans, and finally evened out enough to ski to the finish line! WSC was on their feet cheering!! (Next year we need to all bring air horns!) In the end, while WSC members and Johnny were magnificent, we only won third place. Thank you to Ed for spear-heading this project! IT…WAS…AWESOME!
Wow that was exciting! But, what did the non-skiers do for two days? With the multiple shuttles leaving the casino almost every half hour, the better question is: What didn’t they do? Ellicottville, New York offered a variety of things to do! Like what, you may ask? Well, how about the Winery of Ellicottville? Or the Ellicottville Brewing Company? What about the numerous ski and trinket shops? Not a fan of any of that? How about a trip to Watson’s Chocolates? (Mmmmm….chocolate and candy store….) Our super amazing bus driver, George, even agreed to take everyone to town Saturday evening during an unplanned trip so we could watch the Mardi Gras parade. Not a bad weekend!
So, are you sorry now that you missed it?! Well, don’t be that guy (or gal) next time! The next weekend trip the Warren Ski Club has in store for you is the Winery/Seneca Niagara Casino trip in May! Space is limited and you MUST be a member of the Warren Ski Club! Don’t delay! Pay your $35.00 dues and get your deposit in for this trip and we will hopefully see you in May!

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