Breckenridge Rocked!

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A BIG THANKS to Stephanie Uber – a new WSC member – who volunteered to write a report on our recent trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.  

My Week in Breck – by Stephanie Uber 

Wow. That’s all I can say. If you went on the trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with us then you know what I’m talking about! What an amazing eight days! I had never been to Colorado before, so this was a great experience for me, AND, I got to make the trip with my dad and brother! Our journey began very early Saturday, February 2nd with our trip to the Cleveland airport, the checking of the bags, TSA screening areas, and then the hurry up and wait while we waited for our flight to Denver. Everything went according to plan and before we knew it we were in Colorado, loaded on the charter bus, and en route to Beaver Run Resort, but not before a stop at everyone’s favorite Colorado alcohol distributor, AppleJack! An hour later we were on our way again. Once arriving at Beaver Run Resort and unpacking, we all met for the wine and cheese party! Woo Hoo! Cheese! I mean…WOO HOO! WINE! Anyway, we mingled, we talked, and most importantly we got our lift ticket for the week. Things were looking good.

On Sunday, February 3rd, everyone went their own way to start a fabulous week of skiing. As for myself and my family, we ventured to the ski slopes, however, not without spending hours figuring out the shuttle and city bus system. Finally, though, we made it to Arapahoe Basin, commonly known as “A-Basin”. It had snowed several days before, but not enough to open all the trails. No matter, because as every skier knows for a week long ski trip you don’t want to burn yourself out and over-ski on the first day, especially with the thin air and high altitudes. So, after a few hours and about a dozen amazing pictures later we were ready to wrestle the city bus system back to the resort. Once back we sure were hungry! We spent the long Super Bowl at the Breckenridge Brewery. The food was delicious and the microbrews weren’t bad either! Soon it was time to get some rest to start the adventure for the next day.

On Monday, February 4th, my family and I once again tackled the bus and shuttle system, much wiser this time, and eventually made it to Keystone. Talk about fun and I’m not just speaking about the giant buffalo statue, life-sized chess and checkers set for people to play, the many shops along the way in the village area, or even the gondola ride to the top of the first peak with the amazing views! The trails were fun to ski and the multitude of people we rode the lifts with from all over the world was pretty fantastic as well. We met a man named Merv, who was from England that had come here to ski. He felt that there was nothing like the views we had here in the Rocky Mountains that could compare to what he had in Europe. But, if we did make it there he suggested skiing in France or Austria to be the best. Well, once our day was through we crashed at Luigi’s Pasta House for dinner, met one of the waiters who was from OHIO, and eventually made our way back to the resort, spent for another day.

On Tuesday, February 5th, it was game time with the Warren Ski Club! We all crammed into the three people mover vans and began the long journey to Vail. Vail’s motto, “Like nothing on earth” was exactly right. With more than 5,000 skiable acres of terrain, seven legendary back Bowls, and home of the 2015 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships, Vail boasts to be the largest ski resort in the United States. Vail was so big that we didn’t even get to finish skiing all of it! The trails were fantastic to ski, the bowls were amazing, and the catwalk was interesting. Oh, did I happen to mention my little problem? Yeah…well, I stopped by a pine tree half way through a mogul field. That was my first mistake. Then my ski got sucked down into the powder, then my other ski, and then me to follow! The more I struggled to get out the more it sucked me in. Like quicksand for snow! My brother finally was able to get to my location and pull me out, but almost got sucked in himself! Wow, what a day! We finished it off with a filling dinner at Bubba Gump!

Well, I’m spent! Good thing we took Wednesday off so we could walk around town, souvenir shop, and hit the hot tubs at the resort! My dad and brother found a nice set of new carbon fiber ski poles for $30.00 (last year’s model), I found lots of souvenirs, and we even visited some museums such as the Ski Museum, the Barney Ford House Museum, and the Carter Museum. We can’t forget breakfast at the Blue Moose Restaurant with their organic coffee, lunch at Mi Casa Mexican Cantina, and did I mention the evening’s activities?? What Warren Ski Club trip would be complete without a Pub Crawl/Poker Run?! To put your minds at ease, I didn’t win. But after hitting Ullr’s Sports Bar and Grill, Burke and Riley’s Irish Pub, Ollie’s Pub and Grub, Kenosho Steakhouse, and the Motherloaded Tavern where the best place to dance was on the bar, everyone was a winner! These establishments were not only accommodating, but a few of them gave us some Happy Hour prices as well! The best part was getting to know everyone a little better in the Warren Ski Club and the prizes we all got at the end, not to mention the first real snow began to fall since we’d been there!

Back to the slopes on Thursday! This time we tried Breckenridge on for size (since it was just outside our back door!). Amazing. Again the skiing was great with 154 trails to choose from! My favorite part of these peaks, though, were the signs along the trails such as, “Caution: Trees Don’t Move”, or “Can You Stop? Just Checking”, or even “Trees Hurt. Slow Down”. They even had signs at the lodge at the top of the peak advising, “ATTENTION: Secure Your Skis + Snowboards. They Will Blow Away!!”. Who could beat that friendly advice?! Another day of spectacular views finished off with dinner at The Dredge. This restaurant is a two million pound floating replica of one of the largest and longest operating dredges in the county!

For our last and final day of skiing who could resist the convenience of going outside our back door again to Breckenridge? So we finished off the skiing for the week there and hit Northside Pizza and Wings for dinner. But wait! The fun didn’t stop just yet! Did I mention the alcohol liquidation party?! Oh yes! It was our last chance for the Warren Ski Club to get together before it was back home in less than 24 hours. It was a long and memorable evening with great friends, delicious spaghetti (thanks to the awesome gals who made that and to Jeff for the pizza!), and war stories of who skied into what and who fell and bruised which body part. By the way, I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that got sucked into the snow sinkhole of doom that week!

All too soon Saturday came and we were loaded onto the bus and headed to the Denver airport to make the long trip home. Many thanks to our Trip Director, Jeff Driscoll, who made this such an incredible and memorable week for everyone. Jeff, you did an AMAZING job to make this trip the unforgettable event that it was and we all thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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  1. Stephanie that was a great cronology of the trip. I can relate to your sinkhole experience because it happened to me in one of the back bowls years ago. Also, to all the other smiling faces in the picture your faces all tell the story of a truly wonderful experience and really good time. I’m disappointed that I could’nt be with the greatest group of skiers in the world because the WARREN SKI CLUB ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!