Didn’t recognize us, did ya?

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We’ve got a NEW LOOK, FASTER SPEED and other assorted COOL STUFF you gotta see.

Mobile Friendly – At the top of the cool stuff list is (…drum roll…) this site will work on ALL MAJOR MOBILE DEVICES!!! (….golf clap…). So go ahead. Check it out on your iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc… – lemme know if you have any problems.

It’s ok to touch – Since it’s touchscreen friendly, you can now CALL, TEXT or EMAIL anyone on our contacts list by touching their info. Sooooooo, let’s say it’s 2 AM – you’re still at Happy Hour (OF COURSE YOU ARE) – and you get a WSC brainstorm. Your president, ED, is just a touch away. Comforting, isn’t it?

Events & Calendar – We have a handy Month-At-A-Glance area on the Home page – and a Club Calendar – complete with weather forecasts, trips, events, maps and flyers. You can even synch it with your own calendar – if you are seriously that anal.

How bout video? YEP – GOT IT. Embarrassing moments are not just for pictures anymore – so try to get as much as you can. Oh, and when you get a few minutes, check out the video in the next post “No Rules, Big Hair and Speedos”. Worth watching – especially the swimming pool part.

Subscribe to the blog!!! We’re going to use the blog for club news, things of interest and and to get YOUR feedback. So please subscribe and leave any comments. You’ll get an email when a new blog post is made.

What’s next? Future plans for our website include PayPal, a new photo album and an online club directory. OH – and a new webmaster. Yup. Passin the torch next year. If you can opeate a mouse…….I’m comin’ for ya.

That’s all for now. Look around – leave a comment – and check back for the latest news….


  1. Love the new web site

  2. Don’t worry…. Yes it’s a great new website…. HOWEVER, it’s still the same wild and fun party crowd!!!!!